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Sexual health information for teens
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Gr 7 Up-This offering represents the most up-to-date information available on an array of topics including abstinence-only sexual education and pregnancy-prevention methods. The facts are drawn from reports and other materials produced by organizations as diverse as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Pregnancy Association, Planned Parenthood, and more. Due to the variety of sources, there are differences in tone, preferred spellings, and the like. Yet the range of coverage-from puberty and anatomy to sexually transmitted diseases-is thorough and extensive. Each chapter includes a bibliographic citation, and the three back sections containing additional resources, further reading, and the index are all first-rate. The few illustrations and diagrams range in quality from good to excellent. This volume will be well used by students in need of the facts, whether for educational or personal reasons.-Melissa Rabey, Frederick County Public Libraries, Frederick, MD (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
As they mature and prepare for adulthood, teens face many academic and social challenges. In addition, they must also deal with developing bodies, sexual pressures from peers, and alluring media messages. According to statistics gathered in 2005 by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 47% of high school students reported having had sexual intercourse; 14% reported having had four or more sex partners. Irrespective of whether and when teens choose to enter sexual relationships, they need accurate information about how their choices can affect their health.
Table of Contents
Prefacep. ix
Part 1What To Expect As Your Body Exits Childhood
Chapter 1Growing Upp. 3
Chapter 2What Are Hormones?p. 7
Chapter 3Puberty: An Overviewp. 17
Chapter 4What Happens To Girls At Puberty?p. 25
Chapter 5What Happens To Guys At Puberty?p. 29
Chapter 6When Puberty Starts Earlyp. 35
Chapter 7When Puberty Starts Latep. 39
Chapter 8Surviving Puberty: Moods And Emotionsp. 45
Part 2Protecting Your Sexual Health
Chapter 9Seven Steps To Sexual Healthp. 51
Chapter 10Finding The Right Clinic And The Services They Offerp. 55
Chapter 11Facts On American Teens' Sexual And Reproductive Healthp. 61
Chapter 12Talking With Your Parents About Sexp. 65
Chapter 13How Do You Know When You're Ready For Sex?p. 69
Chapter 14Abstinence: A Personal Choicep. 79
Chapter 15Masturbationp. 83
Chapter 16Oral Sex: Is It Really Sex?p. 87
Chapter 17Sexual Orientation And Homosexualityp. 91
Chapter 18Transgender Individuals And Gender Identityp. 97
Chapter 19Sexuality In The Mass Media: How To View The Media Criticallyp. 101
Chapter 20Rape And Date Rape: What You Should Knowp. 107
Chapter 21Protecting Yourself From Online Sexual Predatorsp. 111
Part 3For Girls Only
Chapter 22The Female Reproductive System: An Overviewp. 119
Chapter 23Menstruation And The Menstrual Cyclep. 127
Chapter 24Premenstrual Syndromep. 137
Chapter 25Douchingp. 141
Chapter 26First Visit To The Gynecologistp. 145
Chapter 27Pap Testp. 151
Chapter 28Breast Self-Examp. 157
Chapter 29Facts About Breast Cancerp. 163
Chapter 30Teens And Breast Implantsp. 169
Chapter 31Toxic Shock Syndromep. 173
Chapter 32Urinary Tract Infectionp. 177
Chapter 33Vaginal Yeast Infections And Bacterial Vaginosisp. 181
Chapter 34Pelvic Inflammatory Diseasep. 189
Chapter 35Endometriosisp. 195
Chapter 36Turner Syndromep. 201
Part 4For Guys Only
Chapter 37The Male Reproductive System: An Overviewp. 209
Chapter 38Circumcisionp. 217
Chapter 39Is My Penis Normal?p. 221
Chapter 40Wet Dreams: A Guide To Nocturnal Emissionsp. 223
Chapter 41Testicular Self-Examp. 225
Chapter 42Testicular Cancerp. 227
Chapter 43Testicular Injuriesp. 233
Chapter 44Guys And Enlarged Breasts: Gynecomastiap. 237
Chapter 45Klinefelter Syndromep. 239
Part 5Pregnancy Prevention
Chapter 46Teen Pregnancy Factsp. 245
Chapter 47Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Abstinence Versus Comprehensive Sex Educationp. 249
Chapter 48Rhythm Methodp. 257
Chapter 49Male Condomp. 261
Chapter 50Female Condomp. 267
Chapter 51Diaphragm, Cervical Cap, And Cervical Shieldp. 271
Chapter 52Contraceptive Spongep. 281
Chapter 53Oral Contraceptivesp. 283
Chapter 54The Patchp. 289
Chapter 55The Shotp. 299
Chapter 56Intrauterine Devices And Systemsp. 303
Chapter 57Vaginal Ringp. 309
Chapter 58Sterilizationp. 317
Chapter 59Emergency Contraceptionp. 323
Part 6Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chapter 60Questions And Answers About Sexually Transmitted Diseasesp. 331
Chapter 61Chlamydiap. 335
Chapter 62Genital Herpesp. 339
Chapter 63Gonorrheap. 345
Chapter 64Hepatitis Bp. 349
Chapter 65Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)p. 355
Chapter 66Human Papillomavirusp. 363
Chapter 67Molluscum Contagiosump. 371
Chapter 68Nongonococcal Urethritisp. 375
Chapter 69Pubic Licep. 381
Chapter 70Scabiesp. 385
Chapter 71Syphilisp. 389
Chapter 72Trichomoniasisp. 395
Part 7If You Need More Information
Chapter 73Resources For Additional Information About Sexual Development And Sexually Transmitted Diseasesp. 401
Chapter 74Additional Reading About Sexuality And Sexual Healthp. 407
Indexp. 415
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