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Little Chick and Mommy Cat
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Author Notes
Marta Zafrilla is a teacher and an award-winning author and poet. She has published several collections of poetry in Spain and been included in multiple anthologies. Her poems and book reviews have appeared in cultural publications and she has held various jobs with advertising agencies and publishers.<br> <br> The award-winning illustrator Nora Hilb was born and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the 80'ies, she was jailed for four years for political reasons by the dictatorship at the time.
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Summary (Español)
A story that explores diversity in a fun way, raising awareness of how every child is entitled to a family based on love.
Winner at the 2012 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards <br> <br> It's true that most little chicks have mothers who are hens, puppies have fathers who are dogs, elephants have elephant families, and ants have little baby ants, but then there are families whoare different. Like mine! It's great being different! I'm a chick, and my mommy is a cat. And I think it's amazing! My mommy's got lovely soft fur, whiskers that tickle me, and a long, beautiful tail. What more could I ask for? Would you like to hear my story?<br> <br> A story that explores diversity and adoption in a fun way, raising awareness of how every child is entitled to a family based on love.<br> <br> "An excellent piece of bibliotherapy for adopted children. The bright, colored-pencil illustrations of pudgy chicks and cats add exuberance to the simply and wryly told tale." -Kirkus Reviews <br> <br> Guided Reading Level: M, Lexile Level: 850L
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